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Service Designer

Keep your integration analysis simple, organized and effective

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Our research indicates that Integration Analysis is almost 60% of whole intregration life cycle...

Effort distribution with standard toolchain approach

...and deployment of Service Designer can reduce it up to 50%

Effort distribution with Service Designer

Integration Analysis
Development Testing Deployment

What is integration analysis?

Integration and common data model

  • Identification of new entities in CDM
  • Design and modification of entities based on OO principles
  • Inheritance and associations of CDM entities
  • Attributes, cardinality, restrictions, meta-data, documentation, all in one place
  • Versioning
  • Impact analysis

Design of enterprise application services

  • Interface design (request/response, using predefined CDM)
  • Orchestration including mapping of messages
  • Service characteristics (security, integration patterns)
  • Provider-Consumer contracts
  • Versioning
  • Impact analysis

Main issues with tool chain approach

  • Time consuming integration analysis – to get all artifacts clean and ready for development
  • Spending most of the time fiddling with several applications from Excel to UML modeling and synchronizing changes between artifacts
  • Having useless discussions about versioning and compatibility changes
  • Being frustrated from non-creative, precise and repeating dull work
  • Inability to find out what changes have been made cross all the relevant artifacts

Why Service Designer?

All functionality required by integration analyst in one tool.

  • Design of CDM and services including orchestrations and field mapping
  • Repository of CDM and services
  • Team cooperation – locking, synchronization, audit, user management
  • Automatic change detection and versioning
  • Unification of analytical documentation and artifacts
  • Import and export (analytical templates)
  • 3rd party data integration

Main features of Service Designer

Main References

Trask & Integration


  • Application Integration
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • API Management
  • B2B Integration
  • SOA Registry and Repository
  • Methodology and Governance


  • Trask Integration Framework
  • IBM Integration Bus
  • IBM MQ
  • Oracle WebLogic Integration
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • WSO2 ESB
  • WSO2 Governance Registry
  • WSO2 API Management
  • JBOSS Fuse
  • HP Systinet
  • Winner of Best SOA Architecture Implementation
  • Our TIF ESB Solution deployed in three European banks
  • Team 40+ Experts
  • First integration project in 1994
  • #Messages in our ESB TIF 50+ Million/Day
New!Cloud Integration
API Management